I began creating ornaments for my nieces and nephews in 1990 rather than spending money on toys they didn't need. 

The year I discovered my love of portraiture, I decided to paint their pictures on glass balls.
I was thrilled with the outcome and so were they and their parents -  their misty eyes said everything.

My sisters tell me that their collection of ornaments are what their children look for first when decorating the family Christmas tree. Some families have designated areas where they display the ornaments during the holidays. And some have their children's
Portrait Ornaments displayed in glass cases all year.

These unique ornaments are meant to bring a lifetime of joy - As children, the excitement of seeing their personal ornament on the tree. As adults, when they place it on their own tree to share with their children.  As a family heirloom it will be cherished for years to come.

Hang them on your Christmas tree or display them year round as you would other fine artwork.

Portrait Ornaments
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"Joel David"
"Kayla Jo"

Although the above ornaments represent the subjects as children, their ages ranged from six months to 24 years when they were painted.

Portrait Ornaments can capture special moments as a child grows into adulthood:  first baby portrait, first day of school, a special birthday or graduation.

Give a distinct gift to someone you love or to the person who seems to have everything.
Or give a unique wedding gift to the subject's spouse or to the grandparents of the first child.

Portrait Ornaments are not just for childrens portraits, but adult portraits too.
They can memorialize a love one or can honor someone serving the community or the country.

Pets are also a wonderful subject for a
Portrait Ornament.