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Portraits: Animals
Portraits: People
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Welcome to Maria Levandowski Artworks.

Here you will find traditional and realistic artwork, rich in form and detail.

Within the galleries are portraits of people, animals and flowers as well as landscape and still life paintings.

All works are original and are for sale or are commission samples.

You will also find a gallery dedicated to my unique, one of a kind Portrait Ornaments which are  available as commission pieces.
I have loved art since I was very young and was involved in every creative project I could get my hands on.    
At age seven, my drawing was selected to cover a school Christmas magazine.    
I knew back then that artistic creation would always be an important part of my life.    
In my early teens, I was a finalist in a statewide design competition and my work was displayed at the     
Currier Gallery of Art,  now the Currier Museum in Manchester, New Hampshire.    
I received recognition and awards in my youth for my artwork and was elected
"Class Artist" at     
Pinkerton Academy in 1979. My art instructor encouraged me to pursue art as a career, saying,    
"There's nothing like getting paid for what you love to do."     
I studied drawing at University of New Hampshire, but ultimately chose a "more practical" career route.    
But I never forgot my instructor's words.     
Following college, I was involved in many creative projects at work and home and would occasionally     
draw in different mediums when I felt the creative tug at my sleeve.    
In 1999, while painting winter scenes in acrylic for Christmas gifts, I realized I loved painting.     
I bought oil paints and became completely consumed  - waking up early and going to bed late to paint.     
And when I couldn't paint, I would draw. Simultaneously, I was going through a career change and     
decided to channel my energy into what I really wanted to do -    
Since then, I have won multiple awards for paintings in both oils and colored pencil.    
I continue to hone my skills as a painter and push my boundaries as an artist.    
I am a juried member of New Hampshire Artist Association & MAA Art Gallery;    
Manchester Artist Association; Organization of Independent Artists, NYC.    
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