"Purple Crocus" 
"Fall in the Bog" 
"Fishing Sebastian Inlet" 
"Cat in the Bag" 
"Baby Shoes" 
"Elie at Age Four" 
"Pelican on Guard" 
"Front Street Pond" 
"Mother and Child" 
"Lake Massabesic Marsh" 
"Lake Massabesic   Shoreline" 
"Quiet Afternoon" 
"Iris in Pink" 
"Yellow Lillies" 
"St. Moussa Valley" 
"Mariam Seeing Divine" 
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"Spring Emerging" 
"Neige Napping" 
"Maori Dancer" 
"Purple Irises" 
"Orchids I" 
"Spring Pines" 
"Emmy & Katie"  
"A Cedar in Lebanon" 
"House on the Road"  
"Dania Beach" 
"The River" 
"Cherry Blossom Time" 
"Mandolin & Shells" 
"Bait Shop" 
"Michael Mesmerized"